Welcome to Luther's

...and thanks for stopping by. I'm going to launch our first blog post with an explanation of what Luther's is all about; first and foremost it's about great denim jeans, especially of the raw, selvedge (selvage) kind. We grew up on and loved raw stiff denim jeans. Actually that's not entirely true, we hated getting started with a new pair because that meant parting with our old jeans which after wash and wear we had grown to love. That was life from elementary to high school, a new school year and a couple of new pairs of jeans to break in along with either t-shirts or flannel shirts depending on the weather and sneakers or work boots. Those first days with a new pair were like breaking a horse, you stared at them knowing you had a hard job ahead of you to get them out of that stiff, stand up on their own state and to that point where they felt like another layer of skin.

That's  a somewhat long-winded way of describing what Luther's wants to accomplish, which is to make available to anyone, anywhere in the world what we feel is the classic American lifestyle clothing, to identify the timeless clothing from any period and offer it to our customers. Specifically what that means to us is jeans, t-shirts, flannel shirts, leather belts and jackets and any and all of the elements of style that make up America's amazing counter cultures, from the post-war bikers and car culture to the pre-hippy 60's to 70's punk and 80's hardcore. We want to identify what still looks great and get it out there for people to wear today.

So far we've only made the tiniest dent in what we plan to offer but we're hoping you'll join in and help us get Luther's going. We really want to be in close contact with you. Let us know exactly what's working and what we can improve.

We also feel there's an important connection between this type of clothing and the classic movies and music and pop culture in general. So please also check out our music and movie blogs. We'd love for everyone to comment and argue and discuss the various genres of great music and movies that have been made over the years and maybe we can all expand our knowledge and have some fun doing it.

The Luther's Music blog currently features playlists using a music service called Rdio. If you are an existing Rdio member you'll be able to listen to complete songs  featured in the playlists and if you aren't a current member you will still be able to hear 30 second previews. If you are a user of Spotify please let us know and we'll include playlists from their service as well.



August 08, 2013